Raw is Better

Recent research is showing us that raw food contains nutrients called enzymes that help our bodies process our foods better. These enzymes found in raw fruits, vegetables, and even meats can be killed by cooking them in temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit, or by canning, freezing, steaming or micro-waving.

Our body manufactures dietary enzymes also, but as we age, our ability to process these enzymes begins to decrease. Added to this is the fact that we overwork our body’s enzyme production systems by eating a diet comprised of cooked and processed foods. This depletes our body’s food processing enzymes even faster. When our body’s enzymes are low, the body spends much-needed energy simply digesting food instead of working on other problems the body may have, such as fighting illness and disease.

The solution is to add more raw foods to your diet. This includes foods that have been dried but not heated, raw seeds and nuts, sprouts, and of course fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Raw foods contain the enzymes needed to digest them, plus they help digest other foods the body may consume.

A good example of enzymes is pineapple. When making Jell-O gelatin, the manufacturer says to add only canned pineapple, not fresh. The reason for this is that the enzymes of the raw pineapple will keep the Jell-O from hardening. But after the pineapple has been canned, the enzymes are gone and the fruit can be added to Jell-O. One of the enzymes in raw pineapple is Bromelain, which is very good for the digestive system in helping digest not only pineapple but other foods as well.

So, as you plan your menu, include as many fresh raw foods as you can. Many people find that this one small change has made drastic improvements in their health and well-being.

Next week we will talk about raw coconut oil.

By Dianne Ronnow © 2005 Mohave Publishing. All rights reserved. From "The Enzyme Health Diet Plan" found at Enzyme-Health.com.

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