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Are you frustrated with your weight problem and don't know what to do about it? Do you find that you lose weight at first, only to gain it all back later, and maybe more when you stop dieting or when you find yourself bingeing? Are you fed up with weight loss programs that don't work?

There is a good reason for that. You don't lack willpower. You are not doing anything wrong. It is just that dieting doesn’t work!

Weight Loss is a Major Business

A new study released by U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that deaths due to poor diet and physical inactivity rose by 33 percent over the past decade and may soon overtake tobacco as the leading preventable cause of death. Americans need to understand that overweight and obesity are literally killing us," HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson said, calling this “an epidemic of obesity.” An estimated 129.6 million Americans, or 64 percent, are overweight or obese. Over 1.5 billion people worldwide are overweight and the numbers are increasing rapidly.

At the same time, the numbers of people who go on diets has been increasing. Americans spend more than 40 billion dollars a year on dieting and related products. It is estimated that 70% of American women are trying to lose weight at any point in time, and at least 40% continually yo-yo between weight loss and weight gain. Researchers estimate that 40-50% of high school girls are on diets. Another study found that 46% of 9-11 year olds are sometimes or very often on diets.

If so many people are dieting, then why are weight problems and obesity are among the biggest and fastest growing health problems in the western world. Surely everyone now knows that obesity increases the risks of many health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. And yet, as more and more people diet, our weight problems continue to rise.

The reason for that is that quick weight loss diets don't work! Dieting is a waste of time, energy and money. But this is a little known secret that few will tell you, because too many people are making too much money on the “lose weight quick” scams. The diet industry is raking in billions of dollars and yet almost two thirds of North Americans are still walking around overweight. The diet industry is about one thing... money! Some quick weight loss diets might work temporarily, but in the end the weight comes back, usually more than before. And often a person's health is damaged by these diets.

Facts About Dieting

* Dieting rarely works. 95% of all dieters who lose weight regain their lost weight and more within 1 to 5 years.

* Dieting can be dangerous to your health.

* Yo-yo dieting (cycles of weight gain and weight loss) has been shown to have negative effects on health including increased risk of heart disease and negative impact on metabolism.

* Dieters often miss out on important nutrients that may cause serious health problems.

* Dieting can lead to eating disorders. The obsession to be thin can lead to anorexia, bulimia, bingeing and compulsive exercising.

* Dieting impacts your mental health and restricts your brainpower, leaving you mentally unfocused.

* Dieting robs you of energy and slows your metabolism down.

* Numerous studies link chronic dieting with feelings of depression, low self-esteem and increased stress.

* Dieting increases compulsive eating. It turns us into people ruled by cravings and driven to eat even when we are not hungry. We spend our lives obsessed with food and weight.

* Dieting ends up becoming one of the causes of obesity and eating disorders.

* You are fatter after a diet than before!

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