The Enzyme Health Diet Plan

I have been interested in writing and nutrition most of my life. My maternal grandmother was an avid health and natural food advocate, and spurred an interest in me for alternative health and nutrition.

I took nutrition courses in college, but didn’t pursue a degree in the subject for several reasons. First I wanted to major in English and Communications, because of my love of writing. Second, I often found myself disagreeing with what was being taught in college nutrition classes. I continued to learn about nutrition, but I stepped away from the ivory towers to do it.

I have been writing my book on diet and nutrition for over two years now, and have finally come to the conclusion that I am not going to sell it as an ebook, as originally planned, despite the fact that my ebook, Coconut Oil Diet Secrets, has been very successful.

I decided that the information in this book needs to be available to the public openly, not to a select few who buy my book at this point. I will probably end up selling the book as an ebook (and a hard copy book) to those who wish to purchase it in its entire form, but for now I will publish it chapter by chapter as articles on the web—- FREE to anyone who wishes to view it.

I appreciate your support.

Thank you!

Dianne Ronnow


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