New Coconut Oil Diet Secrets Site!

Mohave Publishing and Dianne Ronnow have just come out with a new improved Coconut Oil Diet Secrets website. The exciting thing about this new site is that our popular ebook, Coconut Oil Diet Secrets can be found on this site absolutely FREE! Just go to

We are in the process of testing a new format that is supported by advertising instead of charging for our ebooks. We are not sure how long it will be available for no charge, so if you have been putting off buying the ebook, Coconut Oil Diet Secrets, now is your chance to check it out while it is available for free!

Our newest book, The Enzyme Health Diet Plan, will also be offered for free on our sister site, Enzyme Health. The Enzyme Health Diet Plan goes perfectly with Coconut Oil Diet Secrets, so check out that free ebook today also at (Watch for new changes at Enzyme Health in the near future...)

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