More Uses For Coconuts

I found a website today for a company in Mexico that makes coconut products, but not the kind you eat. It is called COCOS STUFF, and these are cool things that are made out of coconut shells.

The site says:
"Presenting a tropical fruit in a natural, useful and eco-friendly products. Our coconut purses are fully hand made from natural coconuts by local artisans. They are beautifully made and look great, with enough capacity to be used as an evening bag or for those special occasions when keys, money, Lipsticks or other small items are carried. Our handbags are made from a coconut shell which is cut in half, burnished, polished or painted (according to the model) A zipper is sewn in place and fixed with a leather trim. An inner cloth bag and drawstring keep items firmly secured. The purses hang from a shoulder cord and looks great."

If you are looking for a fun product, check out their website at

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