The Keys to Healthy Weight Loss and Lifestyle - Part 2


KEY #11 Cut Down on Food Gently
Extreme and sudden dieting causes your body to conserve, not burn caloriest.

KEY #12 Eat Snacks, Not Meals
More frequent, smaller healthy snacks are burned for energy, not stored as fat.

KEY #13 Stop Counting Calories
It isn't the calories that make you fat, it is what foods you eat-- like sugar, white flour, processed foods and bad oils!


KEY #14 Eat Earlier, Not Later
Skipping breakfast makes it difficult later in the day to control your appetite.

You must exercise to build lean tissue that burns fat! Gradually boost exercise frequency and intensity for even greater effects.

KEY #16 Reduce Stress
Stress increases hunger and promotes weight gain.

KEY #17 Get Daily Sunshine and Plenty of Sleep
Sunshine produces Vitamin D, which helps in fat loss, while sleep is necessary for rejuvenation and carbohydrate metabolism.

KEY #18 Lead a Healthy, Active Life
Good habits and small steps can set you on the right path to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

KEY #19 Be a Positive Person
Think positive thoughts and practice forgiveness.

KEY #20 You are in Charge of Your Own Health
It is your job to take responsibility for your health—it is not the job of your spouse, your family, your doctor, or your cook. Educate yourself and practice discipline. Share what you learn with others.

This was taken in part from "16 Keys to a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle" by Nexagen (makers of the Jen Fe Diet Patches) and modified by Dianne Ronnow, author and Independent Distributor for Nexagen. They are headed in the right direction, but I modified them a little by the proven healthy living principals of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

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