Trans Fat Deceptions-- Don't Get Fooled!

As the research news on trans fat continues to come in, it is obvious how extremely dangerous trans fat really is! This is the fat in our diets that is really causing obesity and much of the health problems, not saturated fat like so many claim.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, "...there is no safe level of trans fat. Trans fat has also been shown to make you gain weight. Unfortunately, nearly all health professionals believe that saturated fat is not good for you and is a major cause of health problems. What they fail to realize is that the real dangerous fats are trans fats... So the first step to take when addressing trans fat is to recognize that this is the fat that needs to be excluded from your diet -- NOT saturated fats." To see the full article by Dr. Mercola click here.

Trans fat labling can be deceptive. Did you know that a product can claim it is "trans fat free" when it really has dangerous levels of trans fat? They can do this because of a loophole that lets a product manufacturer get away with it. Accoding to the above quoted article by Dr. Mercola, "If one serving has less than 500 mg (one-half gram) of trans fat the product can legally state that it is trans-fat free.

While 1/2 gram may not seem like much, many of these serving sizes are artificially reduced so the typical person can easily consume four to 10 servings a day of these fats. That would put them at two to five grams of trans fats a day.

Assuming most people consume less than 2,000 calories a day that would put them at 1-2 percent of their diet made up of trans fat, which is ABOVE the threshold recommended by the AHA.

So How do You Win?

You can avoid trans fat by resorting to the old methods we used prior to the new labels. If the product lists hydrogenated oil on the label then it has trans fats -- end of story. No way around it.

The only thing you can be confident of is that if no trans fats are listed on the label then it is less than 500 mg PER serving.

So don't let them fool you anymore. You now know the truth and can beat them at the deceptive game they are playing."

Thanks Dr. Mercola! I was wondering how a product could claim to have no trans fat and have hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil listed as a major ingredient, since I knew they were trans fats. So keep reading those ingredient lists and don't trust the product claims. Better yet, avoid as much processed and fast foods as you can!

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