Prepare Now for Successful Weight Loss in the New Year!

Many people set New Year's resolutions to lose weight after the holiday feasting is over. The problem is that most weight loss resolutions don't succeed. Here are some tips to help ensure that you will be successful in your weight loss goals this year.

1. Mentally prepare.
Set realistic goals and write them down someplace you will see them. (The refrigerator is a great place for many people. It gives you a clear reminder every time you reach for a snack.) Be sure to date your goals. Examples: "I will lose 5 lbs. a month" or "I will lose 2 sizes by swimsuit season." 

2. Have a plan.

Know exactly what you will do to lose weight. Some people need daily menu plan and other just need the basic idea, like eating only __ grams of  carbs a day. Know what works best for you, so you are ready for action in advance. 

Remember that short term diets don't work. The best way to lose permanent weight is to change to a healthier diet and lifestyle. Short term dieting leads to yo-yo weight loss and gains. A healthy diet change will take you steadily in the direction you want to go. Get the FREE Enzyme Health Diet Plan for more information.

3. Start exercising now.
You can start getting in the habit of regular exercise right now. It is easier to change your eating habits if you are already doing something healthy that is taking you in the right direction. Start building muscles now, because muscles help you burn fat. 

For some people, exercise alone might be enough for weight loss, but most people need a combination of exercise and a healthy diet for the best permanent healthy weight loss.

The good news is that exercising to lose weight and get in great shape can be done in only 7 minutes a day, 3 days a week, if you do the right kind of exercise. For more information on this see my article at Enzyme Health News.

4. Keep a diet journal.
Did you know that people who keep a diet journal have a much greater chance for success with weight loss? It makes a difference when you track your exercise and food eating patterns.

In your journal keep track of your goals, your weight, inches lost, exercises you are doing and what foods you eat each and every day. You can also write down how you are feeling, and what emotions and temptations you are facing.

Take a weekly assessment of your journal to see how you are doing, so you can see what works and what needs to change.

5. Use the right supplements.
Supplements are fine for support, but don't expect them to do all the work for you. With a healthy diet and exercise program, supplements can give an extra boost to your weight loss plan.

The majority of herbal products for weight loss are appetite suppressants. They work by "tricking" the body into thinking that it is not hungry. This can be effective, but be careful. Long-term use can lead to addiction and may cause other health problems as well. Another problem with appetite suppressants is that weight loss only occurs while you are taking the supplement, as long as you are depending on the supplement alone and not adding a healthy diet change and exercise to your weight loss program.

See this article for some good ideas for safe and natural supplements for weight loss.

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May you have a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year, and may all your New Year's resolutions come true!

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