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I received this comment recently and thought I'd share it with you.

Comment: I thought coconuts were bad to eat when on a diet because of the high caloric factor as well as high in cholesteral. At least that is what my nutritionist told me.

Answer: It is a common misconception, and nutritionists and doctors have been taught that for years, but the saturated fat and calories in coconut
oil won't hurt you. Coconut oil actually is very good for your and
helps you lower your body's fat and cholesterol content.

People in the tropics were lean and healthy eating almost one whole
coconut each every day or two. When we jumped in and told them that
coconuts and coconut oil was bad for them, and had them switch to
"healthy oils," they began gaining weight and developing modern
diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. Those diseases
were almost unheard-of in the tropics until then.

Check out some of these web articles for more information:

If you have some time, check out some more of the excellent research and information at You might even teach your nutritionist something.

Thanks for commenting.

Dianne Ronnow


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