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Comments : I first heard about coconut oil in the book "Natural Cures". I have since bought the coconut oil but not sure how to take it. Any suggestions? M.

Hi M!

Thanks for writing. I like to use coconut oil in most of my cooking. It tastes great when you fry eggs in it!

You can use it in home made salad dressings, but you may have to let it warm up a bit, since it gets solid when it gets cold. Many recipes often mix the coconut oil with olive oil because of this.

I've added a lot of fried foods (that I had given up on low fat diets) back into my diet, and I use coconut oil to cook them. I make my own tortilla chips by frying corn tortillas in coconut oil. I have a recipe on my coconut oil diet recipe blog.

Some other ways to get coconut oil in your diet include adding dried (unsweetened) coconut to foods or smothies. It has coconut oil in it.

I also buy Coconut Cream Concentrate from Tropical Traditions. I add this into my daily morning chai tea with the milk. The Coconut Cream also goes well in smoothies. Some people just add the coconut oil straight into their smoothies, too.

I hope this helps you. I am working on a Coconut Oil Diet Cookbook, which I hope to have finished in 3-6 months. (I like to test the recipes first.) Keep an eye on my coconut oil diet blog-- that is where I will announce it.

Thanks again!

Dianne Ronnow

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