The Fittest and Fattest Cities

Well, the truth is out. Here is the lastest report on which American cities are the Fittest and which ones are the Fattest. Where does your city rank?

"The fittest and fattest cities in America in the annual survey by Men's Fitness magazine, with cities in order of ranking, and 2005 rankings in parentheses. An asterisk (*) denotes that last year's ranking was on the opposite list:

1. Baltimore (25*)
2. Honolulu (2)
3. Virginia Beach (12)
4. Tucson (8)
5. Milwaukee (15)
6. Colorado Springs (3)
7. San Francisco (4)
8. Seattle (1)
9. Louisville-Jefferson, Ky. (not ranked)
10. Boston (11)

1. Chicago (5)
2. Las Vegas (9)
3. Los Angeles (21*)
4. Dallas (6)
5. Houston (1)
6. Memphis (4)
7. Long Beach, Calif. (20)
8. El Paso (11)
9. Kansas City, Mo. (18)10. Mesa, Ariz. (15)"

For the rest of the top 25 cities see the article at:

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