Coconut Oil-- Use it Externally

In support of other points of view, Coconut Oil is one of the best weight loss products available. You can obtain the maximum benefit of Coconut Oil when applied topically, as well.

In addition to using it externally, getting used to using Coconut Oil internally will be most beneficial to your weight loss regimen. It will seem as if the extra subcutaneous tissue is just melting away. You will notice a favorable difference by the external use of Coconut Oil.

Use Coconut Oil that does not have any additives. I have found that the kind in the jar is best because it is hard when you use it and stays in the palm of your hand when you apply it to the targeted area. It also has a higher vitamin A and E content. It melts as you massage it in. Just think of it this way, as it melts into your skin so is the fat that you want melted away.

It is best used externally when you just get done bathing. Your skin is already supple. Towel dry then apply the Coconut Oil starting at the face. Apply on the neck area then the shoulders and arms. Working your way down toward the feet, always using an upward stroke with the palm of your hand. This is a specific massage tactic that increases the flow of oxygen to the heart.

You don't need to use a lot, just enough. While applying the Coconut Oil, make sure you rub it into your skin well. The facial area is a different story; apply gently. Coconut Oil will help rehydrate your skin.

Coconut Oil is absorbent. In other words, it will absorb into the skin and not cause an oil affect on your clothes like petroleum products do. Use it in place of baby oil when removing makeup. Baby oil and other petroleum based products dehydrate the skin. Petroleum based products WILL increase the cause of wrinkles around the eyes and puffiness as it is non absorbent.

Have you ever had eye surgery for cosmetic purposes or know someone who has? Little did you know that when the surgeon cuts that little line at the corner of your eyes and squeezes out all that oil, that his work is basically done. And you paid the doc thousands of dollars to do it as you did it to yourself by using a non absorbent product. Because Coconut Oil is absorbent, it actually soaks through the dermis layer of the skin and thus causes the -melt fat- effect. In addition to using it internally you will feel the better for it.

Weight Loss or Not, using Coconut Oil WILL cause your skin to not just look hydrated but feel hydrated. Your overall body hydration inside and out will be greatly benefited. You WILL love your body for it and love yourself for using it in all aspects of your daily life in making Healthy Choices. The Tin Man needed lubrication, we do too.

Coconut Oil Per Tablespoon

120 Calories
11.8 grams Saturated Fat
1.0 gram Unsaturated Fat
12 milligrams Cholesterol
13.6 grams Total Fats
weighs 13.6 grams

by Gloria Ruffell

About the Author: I grew up learning about the benefits of Herbs and applying them in everyday use. I've trained in Master Herbalist Classes by reputable Professors. There is much that Herbs can provide for a Healthy and Happy Life.

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