Why Coconut Oil Got a Bad Rep When it’s Actually Good

Just recently I was arguing with someone with a medical background about coconut oil. This person was horrified that I would even consume such an obvious saturated fat. And yet this person, who tries to religiously follow the "politically correct" FDA food pyramid, has many health problems and has struggled with health problems for years.

I understand, because I did the same. I tried to eat an almost vegetarian diet. And the healthier I tried to eat, following the popular reasoning of high carb and low saturated fat, the sicker I became. It was not until I discovered coconut oil that I began to gain back my health and lose weight. (I’ve lost over 25 lbs. on a coconut oil and high saturated fat diet-- and lowered my cholesterol!)

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Dr. Mercola's article (see link below) explains why politics and finances have a part in ruining our health. I highly recommend his website. Read more about "The Truth About Coconut Oil: Why it Got a Bad Rep When it’s Actually Good " at www.mercola.com/2003/se...

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