The Media Ignores the Over Two Million Who Marched Against Monsanto

At least 200,000 were expected, more than 2,000,000 turned out to protest against the biotech transnational Monsanto.

On Saturday May 25 an estimated 200.000 activists under the umbrella of “March Against Monsanto” were expected to rally against Monsanto. Over two million people world wide have marched in a campaign that spans six continents, 52 nations and 436 cities.

The transnational biotechnology colossus is accused of genetically engineering agriculture and food while ignoring the potentially lethal ramifications, the risks for the environment, the devastating consequences for local farmers and communities, and the devastating social consequences... Read more on this article...

Coconut Oil Skin Recipes

Check out this great website for The Top 15 Coconut Oil Skin Recipes:
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Why People Are Losing Weight With Coconut Oil Diets

Are you aware that coconut oil diets are taking the world by storm? Hundreds of thousands of people are losing weight and getting healthier using coconut oil.

Coconut oil diets are becoming increasingly popular as people are discovering out how coconut oil helps them lose weight, increase their metabolism, and even fight disease. Coconut oil is safe to use, and does not turn to fat in your body. It raises the metabolism, so you burn more fat and have more energy. It does not increase your cholesterol, but actually helps lower it. Coconut oil is wonderful diet addition for just about everyone.

For centuries people in the tropics have relied on coconuts and coconut oil as a traditional staple in their diet. They consume large amounts of coconut oil every day. Instead of getting fatter, it helps them stay healthy, lean and trim. When they switch from coconut oil to our modern oils, they develop the obesity and health problems that our modern society faces.

If you have been having trouble losing weight, there is a good chance you could use the dieting and health benefits that come from coconut.

Unlike many other common oils, like soy (vegetable), corn and canola oil, coconut oil won't make you fat. Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), which are an easy fuel for the body to burn, without turning to fat. Most other cooking oils and fats contain long-chain triglycerides (LCT).  LCT's are usually stored as fat. Since coconut oil is a MCT, it is more easily absorbed and converted to energy quicker.

Some people who have known this truth for a long time are people who are in the animal feed business. When livestock are fed vegetable oils, they put on weight and produce more fatty meat. When they are fed coconut oil, they become very lean.

Not only does coconut oil convert to energy quicker in your body, it increases your metabolism, which promotes weight loss. Because it boosts your metabolism, it helps your body burn fat more effectively and gives you more energy. Coconut oil may triple your calorie burn. Since coconut oil is a MCT, it is converted to energy so quickly that it creates a lot of heat. Coconut oil improves sluggish thyroids by stimulating the production of extra thyroid hormones. Most other common oils have been shown to inhibit thyroid function.

Besides the weigh loss benefits, coconut oil is also anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and even anti-parasitic. Pure coconut oil contains about 50 percent lauric acid, and, outside of a nursing mother's breast milk, it's the most abundant natural source of lauric acid available.

When lauric acid is present in the body, it's converted into monolaurin, a compound that exhibits antiviral, antimicrobial, antiprotozoal and antifungal properties. It acts by disrupting the lipid membranes in organisms like fungus, bacteria and viruses, which destroys them. Without a plentiful source of lauric acid, the body cannot produce monolaurin, which explains why many people who regularly consume coconut oil experience less sickness. 

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Raspberry Ketones – The Newest Supplement for Fat Burning & Weight Loss

Many natural ingredients in fruits and vegetables can be helpful in weight loss and wellness. Red raspberries have long been known to help detoxify and cleanse the body. Recently, however, it has been shown that raspberry ketones can help with weight loss and fat burning.

What are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry ketones are the the primary organic phenolic compound found naturally in raspberries that are responsible for making the fruit red in color and producing the fruity raspberry aroma. They are often used as a food additive to give a fruity flavor to food. Raspberry ketones are considered by the FDA as (GRAS) safe to consume.

Raspberry ketones have become popular for weight loss right now because of a recommendation by Dr. Oz. He calles them, a “Miracle Fat-Burner in a Bottle.”

Research seems to show that raspberry ketones can help regulate adiponectin, a hormone that causes your body to boost its metabolism. In turn, the fat within your cells gets broken up more effectively, helping your body burn fat faster and more efficiently.

Raspberry ketones also help to get rid of excess toxins and fatty acids by stimulating the body’s digestive process and supplying vital enzymes to break down the foods you consume in your diet.

Unfortunately, you can’t just eat raspberries to lose weight. You would need to consume 90 pounds of raspberries to get the fat burning effect of the recommended 100 to 200mg of raspberry ketone supplement per day.

A recent study on raspberry ketones tested to see the effects it would have on rats who were fed on only a high fat diet for 6 weeks to induce obesity and then the same diet with the introduction of raspberry ketone. The study showed that their continued weight gain was slowed significantly and there was even some dramatic weight loss at the beginning of taking raspberry ketones.

Remember, there is no magic pill for weight loss. The truth about weight loss supplements is that they are only an additional supplement to your diet and healthy lifestyle. Steady weight loss with a healthy diet and exercise is the key to keeping pounds off, but raspberry ketones may help you lose weight faster.

I found a great formula for a raspberry ketone weight loss and fat burning supplement at an amazing sale price:

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Did you know that the best exercise for weight and fat loss takes only about 7 minutes a day, 3 times a week?  For more info go to Read more on this article...

Warning-- Your Olive Oil May Be Diluted With Toxic Oils!

If you have been trying to eat healthy and use olive oil, be careful! The chances are the olive oil you use is not the real thing.  For years now the olive oil industry has been able to get away legally with fooling the American consumers by selling oil labled as EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), but is really olive oil heavily diluted with soybean, hazelnut, peanut, vegetable oil or even lampante (the poorest quality olive oil from olives that fell on the ground and has been traditionally used for lamp oil.)

According to Natural News, At least "50 percent of the olive oil sold in the U.S. is not actually pure olive oil, as some brands claiming to be "extra-virgin" or "100 percent Italian," for instance, have actually been adulterated with toxic rapeseed oil, more popularly known as canola oil, soybean oil, and other low-grade oils."

The University of California, Davis published a report on olive oil back in 2010 in which researchers found that 69 percent of imported and ten percent of California-based oils labeled as olive oil did not pass International Olive Council (IOC) and US Department of Agriculture sensory standards for extra virgin olive oil.

One of the problems is that imported olive oil, most of what this country consumes, is not high on the FDA's list for purity testing, and so it's easy for impure oil to get through.

For those trying to lose weight and for health reasons are avoiding other processed oils, this might be the reason why olive oil is not working for you.

True extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) has a vibrant spicy flavor and shouldn't taste bland. It should be green colored, not pale and yellowish. Typically real EVOO is stored in dark glass bottles, so that it will stay fresh and won't be harmed by light. Experts recommend avoiding any olive oil in clear plastic bottles.

True olive oil contains 200-plus highly beneficial ingredients, including anti-oxidents, which help keep the body functioning at a healthy level.  Bad olive oil is full of free radicals and impurities that can cause disease in the body.

Of those brands tested, the following failed to meet extra-virgin olive oil standards:

Filippo Berio
Newman's Own
Rachel Ray
Whole Foods

The following brands were found to meet extra-virgin olive oil standards as part of the study:

Corto Olive
California Olive Ranch
Kirkland Organic
Lucero (Ascolano)
McEvoy Ranch Organic

Be sure to avoid any olive oil labeled as "light," as these are the lowest quality olive oils available. Also, be sure to choose either California-based olive oils, the vast majority of which are legitimate, or imported olive oils certified by IOC.

If you or someone you know has allergies to peanut, soy or other oil, it is important to avoid most of the olive oil found in grocery stores, especially the more inexpensive stuff.

The best sources I've found do cost more (a good sign that they are real) but are worth the effort to get. I recommend looking for smaller domestic olive growers like those in Napa and Sonoma in California. The California Olive Olive Oil Council [COOC] certifies purity of oil produced in California.

Certification as organic can also be a sign of quality. If you can find imported oils with IOC certification on the label, go for them.

Here are a few of my favorite brands:

For domestic olive oil at a good price try La Conda Ranch Olive Oil from the Olive Hut

For good imported olive oil try Barbera Frantoia EVOO from Gus Sclafani Corp.


The UC Davis Study on olive oil:

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